my lifeline

My name is Jaan Weber. Born in Estonia in y. 1986 in Designer's family.

Being a child, I was mostly interested in having a scale, dividers and pencils. My farther is a professional interior designer and he was always an ideal for me, whom I was trying to bear a resemblance with. Since those times I was dreaming to become a designer. I drew much and constantly created something interesting.

After my school graduation I had a clear decision of my future endeavors and I entered the Private School of Applied arts, where became an Interior and Architecture designer. Finally, I was working together with my father, creating different interior decisions. However, after having 2 years of direct experience with interiors, i realized that the endless flow of ideas in my head requires more creative ways of realization. My brother was working as a graphic designer those times and he opened me the advertising world.

It was the beginning of my new challenge - I entered to Academy of Arts and became a Graphic designer. 

Since those times a graphic design became a part of my life and it is started to be a way of my thinking, not just being a simple job.


my works

 I'm an experienced graphic designer, constantly sharpening my current skills and keep learning something new. Easily adapt to a new environment, staying flexible and ready to dive into a project with any level of difficulty, always work within the deadlines and keep my clients happy. 

I have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern graphics, always keeping an eye on the latest trends over typography, shapes, colors and solutions. I am a designer with over 9 years of architecture, interior and graphic design experience and also a freelance.

Two directions connected in my personality - Graphic and Architecture. Having an abstract thinking i am able to see our world from different angles, to find it's hidden side and foresee details.